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Union J Book

Check out Paddy’s photos in Union J’s new book OUR STORY

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New Union J Press Shots

New Press Photos of Union J prior to the single launch of ‘Carry You’ on June 2nd.


Check out the weird and wonderful world of CIRCUS

  • Daily Star
  • Heat 20 April 2013 # 2
  • Heat 20 April 2013 # 3

Union J photos in Heat magazine and The Daily Star

Photos of Union J on there new video ‘Carry you’ in Heat Magazine and The Daily Star.

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Gamucci Photo Shoot

Paddy has just taken photos of the company Gamucci. The leading E Cigarette company in the UK.

My Music Photography on Behance

Here you can see all of my Music related content on Behance.


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  • Union J

Union J photo shoot

Photographs of Union J taken on their new video ‘Carry You’. Let me know what you think in the comments below.